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Homeowners Insurance for VRBOVacation Rental by Owner is a growing and popular business in Florida. Kerr insurance can help you get the correct VRBO homeowners policy to protect you and your home.The most important thing to know is that your regular homeowner’s policy does not cover vacation rentals. Renting your home, even for a short time, is a business activity and is not covered by a regular policy. Smart VRBO shoppers are asking questions about insurance. We want to help you have the right answers.

At Kerr Insurance we offer Vacation Rental Insurance based on your specific needs and situation. A modest investment of time with our experienced agents will help you understand exactly what coverages are important for you. We offer several alternatives to best suit your needs and will be happy to help you understand the intricacies of VRBO coverages. 

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Common Questions About VRBO Insurance:


Does my homeowner policy cover renting my home if the home is my primary residence?

ANSWER: No, VRBO is a business transaction and is not covered by a standard homeowner policy


If a renter or guest is injured in my home am I liable?

ANSWER: Potentially yes, depending on the circumstances. The important point here is that your homeowner policy covers personal liability. Since VRBO is a business transaction you will need a policy that provides commercial liability.


Do I need to have a Vacation Rental Policy and a regular homeowner policy?

ANSWER: No, we can provide you with a single policy that provides coverage for your residence and VRBO business activities.


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