How To Check Tire Pressure

How To Check Tire Pressure

Why is it important to check your tire pressure? 

Your tires will wear evenly prolonging their life. The even wear, in turn, may improve your fuel’s consumption. Keep in mind that your tires, correctly inflated, perform better and provide better traction.


A few things to remember:

  • Check your tire pressure periodically.
  • Always inflate your tires to the pressure specified in your vehicle’s owner manual (Also, on side of vehicle’s door).
  • Check and adjust your tire pressure in the morning before driving on them.
  • Temperature affects your tire pressure. In Florida, heat may cause your tire pressure to increase while cold may cause your pressure to drop.
  • Use a good quality tire pressure gauge.
  • Sometimes, it can be tricky to get the gauge to press fully over the valve. This may affect the reading, so as a precaution, take a few readings just to be sure.

Know the difference:

Overinflated tires: Tires are rigid and stiff. This causes uneven tread wear, commonly referred to as “center wear”. It means that the center of the tire will appear smoother because it’s wearing down more than the sides of the tire.

Underinflated tires: Tires look flatter to the ground. This causes the shoulders of the tire to wear down faster, commonly referred to as “shoulder wear”. It means that the shoulders of the tire will look smooth while the center shows normal tread.

How do you check your tire pressure?

  1. Make sure you follow your manufacturer’s PSI.
  2. Remove the end caps on your tires’ air valves.
  3. Place the tire pressure gauge into the valve stem and press down quickly to get a reading.
  4. Check the PSI reading. Compare that to your vehicle’s recommended PSI.
  5. If the reading is above the recommended PSI, push in the valve to let some air out.
  6. If the reading is below the recommended PSI, fill your tire with air until you reach the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Take a minute to watch this instructional video:


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