9 Things That Affect Your Car Insurance

Auto insurance providers do not arbitrarily decide on your insurance rates. The amount you pay is a careful calculation using your own personal information. Based on your information, insurers make an educated guess on how much of a risk you represent to them.  Some of the things they use, you have no control over: your age, your gender, years of driving. Some you may have some control over: your location, your marital status. But there are 4 things you absolutely have total control over:

  1. Your credit report
  2. Your driving record
  3. Your car type
  4. Your coverage

Remember the safer you appear to the insurance companies, the less you will pay.

Kerr Insurance will help you find the best coverage and guide you on how you can lower your rates. Contact us today and let us help you find the best policy for you. Call our office now at 954-917-1707 or toll free 1-877-332-6242 or click here http://kerrinsurancefl.com/contact-us/ to send us a message.


9 Things That Affect Your Car Insurance

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